mandag 17. desember 2012

Visiting a beautiful PLACE... 

One of the great advantages running your own business are the adventures, where you meet new people. I was so lucky to meet Catelijne at a photo course in Portugal. She was just the perfect model for Hippi Grace!  She did us a great favour of being our first Hippi Grace model for our summer collection 2013.  You will see more of her ! 

Last week, on the road to meeting Carla Sade,  we visited Catelijne and Peter, in their home in South of Spain.  Where they are living in their beautiful home, Cortijo De Bracanas, up in the mountains. Catelijne & Peter are Dutch, and they moved to Spain some years ago. She is running her own business, training and selling horses. She does also have a lot of experience from other businesses, as a sales & marketing professional, but her passion is with horses. Catelijne´s website Cortijo De Bracanas

Catelijne training her horses and dressed in the new summer dress from Hippi Grace

What a beautiful place ! Wow. It is so impressive what Catelijne and Peter have built - with all their personal details  The location of their ranch, with a fantastic view over the mountains and the valley.  

The different terraces of the house, dependent on where the wind is 'running'. The flowers, trees, all of it.
The tractor which Peter rebuilt for Catelijne with her own numberplate ! The 'national symbol' of the Netherlands - the clogs ! This will also be a part of the new summer collection from Hippi Grace.... Enjoy the pictures..

Beautiful Cortijo De Brácanas with all it's wonderful details 

The fantastic view and feeling of Spain 

This is a paradise for both people and animals. The horses, the dogs teasing and playing with each other. The dogs even teasing the hens. 'King' Oscar was the first to meet us at the car - the big white beautiful dog - he reminded us of an ice bear - and so cute ! The dogs having their own beds on the terrace where they could have a wie nap, any time. 

The cute dogs, Oscar, Zulu and Zara + the boss of the hen house. 

Meet beautiful Mr Opio or Mr Gorgeous,  being trained by Catelijne (below). The Spanish breed horses are so gracious. It was great fun to watch him, such an intelligent horse, enjoying so much to be trained and educated, a jewel of a horse ! 

Catelijne training Gorgeous Mr Opio - such an intelligent horse 

The youngsters at the farm - awesome....get's your hearth beating, they are so cute !  Being taken well care of and becoming stars of the future in dressage, somewhere in Europe. 

The youngsters at the beautiful Cortijo De Bracanas - with its fantastic view

Thank you for a fantastic stay and warm welcoming, Catelijne and Peter ! 

tirsdag 13. november 2012

Being an entrepreneur.... 

The fun part being an entrepreneur is a constant 'hunt' for ideas, you never know when the bright idea strikes you...

We are currently working on the collection for next autumn - doing the last changes on prototypes, checking color trends......&   we have not yet launched the first collection for summer from Hippi Grace....  

Therefore Hippi Grace is now being 'dressed' for winter AW 2013... with some beautiful soft leathers, wool and the extra little twist. We must admit it is a little hard to wait to show you all the new stuff which we hope you will like.

As the weather here in Norway is getting cold -  we are in the right mood. Always carrying the notebook 'saving' the ideas and things to do... 

We will soon show you the coolest italian boots for the spring. In the meantime enjoy this picture from last trip to Venice.... 

Go Hippi Go Grace ...for the rest of the week !

tirsdag 23. oktober 2012

Creativity & work through the lens..

Photo: Line Moen 

That is Helen, a lady from Sweden,  living in Andalucia, with her passion for horses, dogs & photography. The camera being an important tool in building her business from her 'base' in South of Spain, where she is living together with her husband, lovely dogs and beautiful horse.

In a very short time, she has built her business around horses and photography. Though Helen has been in the horseworld all her life, but in 1999 she moved to Spain.

Helen is sourcing and selling Spanish Iberian breed, dressage horses, for a worldwide market. These beautiful horses which are growing so much in popularity all over the world. She is looking for the perfect match!

A little taste of Helen's photo below.

Helen is also traveling a lot doing photojournalistic freelance work for magazines. A lot of times, horse related, but also deep reflections of people and cultures. 

Helen is an example where we see the trend of photography becoming an important part of building your business in the new media world, as well as being a hobby.   

When Helen have a nice horse for sale, she makes her photoshoot, both in pictures and video. Have a look at her website  and see  Helen´s fabulous photo gallery Helen´s webpage  


MR GORGEOUS : Photo Helen M Nilsson

søndag 14. oktober 2012


A MAGICIAN with stories..

Some people you meet,  have their passion from top to toe. Svein Erik Larsen is such a person, being a magician with film, photo & storytelling. We met through work, when he was the creative director of the advertising agency we cooperated with. He has made many TV commercials, which is well known in the Norwegian market, i.e. the story telling about Friele Coffee.  He is also brilliant with food photography, travelling and sculptures.

Some years later he and his wife, Liv Merete,  decided to change their way of life and moved to Estepona, Spain. 

His latest project is so impressive - he has made a TV-serie with 7 different stories of people building their dreams in the Spanish Country living. Look at Svein Erik's photo

Here you will meet Dutch, British, German, Spanish  or Swedish people and their stories filmed in the setting of their new lives, Spanish Country Living in Andalucia.

One of the many interesting stories is about 'The Swede' who did what few believed he would succeed doing, building his own winery with a particular grape up in the mountains.. Today his wine is a high quality wine,   high reputation & great demand, and with it's many quality awards !

It dos not stop with this, He is also making a book.... 
See Svein Erik´s website

The DVD´s are such an inspiraton - watching them on my pc in my favourite chair & a warm cup of green tea !! 

Enjoying more than 4 hours of good storytelling ! 

It's getting colder here - up North - expecting snow any time... Then it is such a pleasure dreaming about the Spanish Country living.... Read more about it here 
Get in touch with Svein Erik

ENJOY !!! 

tirsdag 25. september 2012


We just have to show you a 'little taste' of the Hippi Grace summer collection for 2013... and to introduce you to our first Hippi Grace model ever - Catelijne !  

Catelijne in one of the Hippi Grace tees for SS 2013  - in the Hippi Grace theme - 'Comfy Color Revolution'.  The collection is easy to wear and is made up of tops and dresses in either lovely cotton quality or pure knitted linen... more information to come and you will  also meet the young Norwegian designer Henriette Aukner....we are so much looking forward to next summer...

Hippi Grace top for SS 2013 - Photo Helen M Nilsson

Catelijne is from Holland and  she is running her own business;  sourcing, training and selling true bred Spanish horses, from her ranch in Andalucia. When we met,  we just had to ask her if she would be the model for the first Hippi Grace photo shoot ever. We are so happy & it was great fun!     

Catelijne at her ranch in Andalucia : Foto Cortijo de Bracanas s.l

Hippi Grace is all about passion for fashion and design, we are therefore looking for people who have found their passion in life. Like  Catelijne´s  for horses, training & dressage and her great sense of humor & great fun to be with ! You can read more about Catelijne on her webpage
Cortijo de Bracanas s.l

Hippi Grace is always  looking for people with an interesting story !  We are all grown-up women and we are  looking for  good design and interesting stories - our way !

One of many nice tasks, working with fashion brands,  are the photo shoots of our various collections. The first and  'historical' (for us) - Hippi Grace photo shoot took place at the beautiful 'Morgado Lusitano' stabels, just outside Lisbon, in Portugal.   The photographer´s where Line Moen Fotograf Line Moen and Helen M Nilsson Helen´s webpage.  Thank you Helen for bringing us there !!! 

Thank you to the Morgado Lusitano stables  for your warm welcoming and lending us the horse !!! You can read more about them on their webpage; Morgado Stables

Located about 20 minutes from the Lisbon airport
A pleasant welcome by the people at Morgado  

This is the place you live if you sign up for a course  - Foto

We just had to give you a little 'taste' of  what happened backstage at our first photo shoot ever ... 

Go Hippi Go Grace 

søndag 23. september 2012


Sometimes an opportunity passes your way and you have to catch it... do you ?

Being introduced to the opportunity to take part in a workshop,  covering photo and horse riding in Portugal, at Quinta da Fé (  Wow - yes.... would like to... but....just done it  !

The workshop was arranged by photographer  Line Moen, living in Norway (  and photographer, Helen Marie Nilsson,  from Sweden, living in Spain ( Two ladies with lots of knowledge and great teachers & organizers !

Line Moen in action  : Photo : Helene M Nilsson

Helen M Nilsson  Photo: Line Moen

What a fantastic course, finally learning to understand the composition of a picture after attending a  few courses understanding the menu of the camera...  It is important to learn to take photos for my new job in this new media world, being able to do a proper presentation on the 'run'. 

The plus effect was the horse riding, a sport one never forgets when first started. Time to get back in the saddle after prioritized family and lots of work, work, work for many years.  

What photoshoot sessions the two ladies arranged for us. Have a look for yourself ...

Photo : Toril Opsal Thorp
10 ladies, different nationalities and so much fun. This was a real adventure one never will forget.  One of the participants will also represent Hippi Grace in the new summer collection for 2013 ! A closer presentation to follow... 

Photo : Toril O. Thorp 

Photo : Toril Opsal Thorp 

If you want to get in touch with Line (Line web or Helen (Helen web )  for future courses, follow the link behind their names. 
If you are living close to Oslo, Line does also arrange weekend courses. A great experience to learn photo for work, social media, blogging, Facebook or just your passion for photo. These ladies are 'composed' of lots of interesting stories,  which you will be introduced to later... 

Never forget - be a little hippi with grace  - in between ! 

Go hippi go grace ! 


torsdag 20. september 2012


Enjoy a travel to Cape Town through this book.... 

The Hippi Grace universe is all about passion and we have to introduce you to an inspirational travel in Cape Town through a book just being launched. Made with a true passion for food, people, great recipes and recommendations of places to see. 

Fantastic pictures  and interesting stories!  This was a true inspirational kick ! A country so unknown to many of us, where there is so much to see, learn and experience.

Nothing can compete with the 'book-experience',  sitting in a nice chair and enjoying the book in paper. To touch, feel and let your eyes rest on the beautiful photos and consuming the stories.  We recommend you to take an inspirational break  in your favourite place and enjoy a cup of nice green pure tea at the same time ! Hope you agree ?

With the permission from the publishing house : Pepper AS

WOW - this is definitely  on top of our 'want to do list' -  places to travel & visit. Go Hippi Go Grace ! 

Taste of the book : Stars shining on Cape Town - Stjernedryss over Cape Town

The book is available both in a Norwegian and an English version. `Stars shining on Cape Town'  or ´Stjernedryss over Cape Town´.

FRONTCOVER ENGLISH VERSION : 'Stars shining on Cape Town'

Maybe an idea as a gift for Christmas, soon to arrive.... or a friend, or a gift for business relations or your employees.

You can order the book here :

HOME LIVING NETSHOP  and the sale of the book supports the Norwegian fund raising organization for orphans in South-Africa. Established by the actress Mari Maurstad.  
Follow the link to read more at this link :


mandag 27. august 2012


On my way to a meeting with our handbag producer in Spain,  Mette arranged a great lunch at the Purobeach in Laguna Village, Estepona - a great visit and a great sushi !!!

Are you in the area, make a visit to Purobeach for a lunch break ...

We met Helene Marie Nilsson, a friend of Mette. A lady with  passion for horses and photography. Recommend you to take a look at her website and see beautiful horses

Our new Hippi Grace Cross body bag worked perfect for the lunch time and a short relaxation at the beach !  It can also be used for work with your pc (size until 15-inch Mac)

A match to the Hippi Grace Weekend bag, made in canvas and leather .... 

Go Hippi Go Grace  ! 

Hippi Grace Cross Body bag in Leather & Canvas

onsdag 22. august 2012

WEEKEND with Mette

in Casares - Spain...

Spent a great weekend in Casares visiting my friend Mette, on my way for a meeting with our handbag producer.  Casares is a beautiful white mountain village in south of Spain, close to Estepona.  

We both have passion for horses and went to  ´Cortijo el Robledal´stable and visited Veronica Winsents, Mette´s friend,  who is a great rider. Cortijo el Robledal breeds the famous Andalucian horses used for dressage. Their website is :

As Mette is a brilliant photographer, we went for a photoshoot of the HIPPI GRACE WEEKEND bag.  It is  a perfect travel companion, easy to bring on the plain when traveling or just weekend visits.



Welcome to Hippi Grace. 

Hippi Grace is a brand for handbags, shoes and clothes. Developed from our Scandinavian way of living and it is,
as the name indicates, for women. In this blogg you can read about our latest products being launched in the market from Hippi Grace, and much more....

We are a Norwegian company with passion for fashion and design. We design our products together with young designers  and our products  are made by craftsmen within Europe. A lot of interesting stories in connection to this....

As we meet great people and interesting stories, when making our products, we will share them with you.  It can also be beautiful places to visit, people who have found their passion in life or maybe we discover a really nice 'recipe' to share - from our every day life ! An app, a dish, an idea...

Our passion is to develop Hippi Grace with lots of good design and stories. Our vision is to live our brand in the 'universe'...  


Enjoy ! 

The start of making of our own path ... GO HIPPI GO GRACE !