mandag 17. desember 2012

Visiting a beautiful PLACE... 

One of the great advantages running your own business are the adventures, where you meet new people. I was so lucky to meet Catelijne at a photo course in Portugal. She was just the perfect model for Hippi Grace!  She did us a great favour of being our first Hippi Grace model for our summer collection 2013.  You will see more of her ! 

Last week, on the road to meeting Carla Sade,  we visited Catelijne and Peter, in their home in South of Spain.  Where they are living in their beautiful home, Cortijo De Bracanas, up in the mountains. Catelijne & Peter are Dutch, and they moved to Spain some years ago. She is running her own business, training and selling horses. She does also have a lot of experience from other businesses, as a sales & marketing professional, but her passion is with horses. Catelijne´s website Cortijo De Bracanas

Catelijne training her horses and dressed in the new summer dress from Hippi Grace

What a beautiful place ! Wow. It is so impressive what Catelijne and Peter have built - with all their personal details  The location of their ranch, with a fantastic view over the mountains and the valley.  

The different terraces of the house, dependent on where the wind is 'running'. The flowers, trees, all of it.
The tractor which Peter rebuilt for Catelijne with her own numberplate ! The 'national symbol' of the Netherlands - the clogs ! This will also be a part of the new summer collection from Hippi Grace.... Enjoy the pictures..

Beautiful Cortijo De Brácanas with all it's wonderful details 

The fantastic view and feeling of Spain 

This is a paradise for both people and animals. The horses, the dogs teasing and playing with each other. The dogs even teasing the hens. 'King' Oscar was the first to meet us at the car - the big white beautiful dog - he reminded us of an ice bear - and so cute ! The dogs having their own beds on the terrace where they could have a wie nap, any time. 

The cute dogs, Oscar, Zulu and Zara + the boss of the hen house. 

Meet beautiful Mr Opio or Mr Gorgeous,  being trained by Catelijne (below). The Spanish breed horses are so gracious. It was great fun to watch him, such an intelligent horse, enjoying so much to be trained and educated, a jewel of a horse ! 

Catelijne training Gorgeous Mr Opio - such an intelligent horse 

The youngsters at the farm - awesome....get's your hearth beating, they are so cute !  Being taken well care of and becoming stars of the future in dressage, somewhere in Europe. 

The youngsters at the beautiful Cortijo De Bracanas - with its fantastic view

Thank you for a fantastic stay and warm welcoming, Catelijne and Peter !