fredag 28. juni 2013

Munch in Italy


Norway is celebrating the 150th Anniversary tribute to the famous Norwegian Painter, Edvard Munch. I have had a fantastic opportunity too see the great film about 

Munch 150

Sometime one has to get outside your everyday comfort zone to discover something new. Being in Italy on a business trip,  I had the great pleasure of learning more about the famous Norwegian painter, Edvard Munch, with Friends at an Italian event! F.A.B 

The Norwegian Consulate and Mrs Serena Guarini arranged an online presentation of Edvard Munch. Thank You !!! 

His paintings are so 'actual' more than 100 years after they where made.. You can read more about what is happening in 2013, and the celebration of his work here; 

A plan is to visit the new exhibition at Munch Museet in Oslo, to see such an extensive collection of his work.

Was thinking about him at the sunset in Mallorca. 

lørdag 15. juni 2013

Places to visit...

Hippi Grace in Ronda - Spain

After finishing the meetings working with a great new collection for Carla Sade and Hippi Grace, we set off to Ronda. A beautiful & historical town in Andalucia, Spain. 

Michelle Obama did also visit this town during her vacation in south of Spain in 2010. Ernest Hemningway did also spend many summers in Ronda. We had to explore it..... 

We discovered the beautiful garden at the 'Casa de Don Bosco' with a panorama view of the old part of Ronda. Don Bosco was an Italian Catholic priest, dedicating his life to street children. Teaching based on love rather than punishment. 

We recommend to stay at one of the hotels located on the cliffs. Hotel Don Miguel was a nice choice. A rom with a view ....

When visiting places, it is also fun to visit the local bakery... Almond cakes with your choice, olive oil, chocolate or just sugar. The beautiful Spanish lady in the shop is also in love with Hippi Grace 💕 - we like ! 

We met this great Woman who was super in saying yes to modelling ! 

Look forward to next visit !