søndag 18. august 2013



Living in Norway you will never know for sure what type of summer you will get. Therefore it is a luxurious feeling knowing that you can travel by plane for 3 hours and you will have 
a almost 100% SUN guarantee.  

A new season is just around the corner.... we will have a little look back at a great trip to Mallorca.

We took off for Palma - picked up the rental car (good deals on the web - but always check if you have to pay for a full petrol thank or you can fill it yourself....) 

Left the city and drove to the west coast of Mallorca.  The tall mountains and the deep cliffs. Wow - what a beautiful place. First stop in Valdemossa for lunch... Dreaming of the clear water - a dip in the sea.

Checked in at hotel El Encinar Apartamentos - we had studied the web and the recommendations from the other guest. When they write that they are not that keen on giving recommendations because they want to keep it for themselves - we booked. 

All apartments have a big balcony with a fantastic view in the front to the see and a second at the back towards the mountains.  Great service and great breakfast every morning on the terrace with a beautiful view. More info at their website : www.hotelencinar.com

From the hotel there are some great opportunities for nice walks in the mountains. 

Then we headed off for the beach to swim in the sea. On the west coast there are some hidden bays where it is so nice to swim and rest quietly - micro tourism . We searched through the ipad when we drove to a beautiful village in order to check out the seaside. This is part of the holiday - to go for a new experience in between and also go back to the best places we found. 


Enjoying the colors and your skin getting tanned, filling up with d-vitamines - and a lot of walking or exercising.

Enjoying the delicious tapas or find a good Italian restaurant is always a success with the kids. In Deia there are a lot of really good restaurants to recommend.  A little village which is so beautiful. A place I would love to get back to and stay in one of the small hotels on the hill - quietly. 


A little hostel with a little garden and serving fresh orange juice walking on the hills with my camera.  

Dreaming of maybe once renting a  house just on the edge of the cliffs... looking like this...

Driving on the spectacular road down to Calobra and you will enjoy a day together with many other tourists - but sill worth to see. 

Or you can visit the other side of the island on the east coast - Cala Pi is also a beautiful place and very popular, so be early if you want a good place on the beach. Here it is 100% pure sand. 

 We had a drive of about 20 minutes to Palma where we lived. Wow - what a city - this needs a blog report in itself.  Mallorca is such an interesting island - hope sincerely to be able to come back.  A lot of memories to dream of during the new season. 

Enjoying this sunset during the evening if we managed to get back to the hotel in time.
Understand how the Norwegian painter Munch was inspired. 

We hope you have had a nice summer or is enjoying your summer holiday at the moment. Mallorca is highly to recommend and we hope to come back. 

We are ´running´ into autumn and  preparing the deliveries for autumn collection. 

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A Chic place for lunch


PART 1...

If you are in The South of Spain and close to Estepona, Puro Beach is a modern funky place to eat, enjoy the pool or beach. A true bohemian feeling. 

A year has passed...
We had a brilliant long Sunday lunch, 4 girls/ladies. Some of us met at Puro Beach one year ago for the first time and I hope it will be a tradition to meet and we will recommend you nice places to visit. 

Hippi Grace summer tee with the orange star matched perfectly, we think ... 

Do you have passion for  your workplace ?


It is impressive to see one of their employees with the tattoo of the Puro Beach logo on top of his arm - see pic below.  Read more about the Purobeach concept at their website...
Portugal, Toscana/Italy Palma/Mallorca... www.purobeach.com . This is  a place with a big heart.


Our Hippi Grace clogs di match the interior. Photo of clogs : Mette Fagerli.

     People enjoying their Sunday lunch. A  lovely lunch on a Sunday 


Memories to live on for the autumn .... Spain is a great place to visit !