tirsdag 21. mai 2013

Grown up Women

We dress the WAY WE LIKE..

...we dress the way we like ...? - we can make the combinations we like...?. Do we ? If yes, we enjoy the spirit of freedom ? if not - it is still ok ... we do as we like - don´t we ?

When we made the Hippi Grace Clothing Collection for this summer, we had this in mind. The sporty comfortable look and the use of colors. To add the lines we like to account for  our curves.  It is just so fun when the younger generation enjoys a Hippi Grace summer top and at the same time a lady (70+) looks absolutely faboulous in the same top. A great feeling !  The picture below is Catelijne (fourty something and very very  sporty - read more about Cat from previously blogg, our first ever Hippi Grace model )

Photo : Helen M Nilsson

With the change in climate and we live here - up north - we are forund of clothes/shoes/Boots we can wear 2/3 of the year. It is therefore fun to compose the various parts. As beautiful Carina shows us in the picture below. Hippi Grace from top to toe ... Softboots - leather belt (we had to mix it with canvas) - linen top (and we still are fund of stars) - on top we made a cool (we think) Hippi Grace crossbody bag,  which will  get a great vintage look with usage - looks better the more y use it  ! 

Photographer : Line Moen

What we discovered when we combined a few elements along the journey was the fact that we did also have the look of a more retro style !

Photographer : Line Moen 

Our intuition is definately being influenced by the trends. We still love being grown ups and can dress the way we like ! 

Just do it... 
Be a little Hippi with a touch of Grace
What You feel 4 💓

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