tirsdag 23. oktober 2012

Creativity & work through the lens..

Photo: Line Moen 

That is Helen, a lady from Sweden,  living in Andalucia, with her passion for horses, dogs & photography. The camera being an important tool in building her business from her 'base' in South of Spain, where she is living together with her husband, lovely dogs and beautiful horse.

In a very short time, she has built her business around horses and photography. Though Helen has been in the horseworld all her life, but in 1999 she moved to Spain.

Helen is sourcing and selling Spanish Iberian breed, dressage horses, for a worldwide market. These beautiful horses which are growing so much in popularity all over the world. She is looking for the perfect match!

A little taste of Helen's photo below.

Helen is also traveling a lot doing photojournalistic freelance work for magazines. A lot of times, horse related, but also deep reflections of people and cultures. 

Helen is an example where we see the trend of photography becoming an important part of building your business in the new media world, as well as being a hobby.   

When Helen have a nice horse for sale, she makes her photoshoot, both in pictures and video. Have a look at her website  and see  Helen´s fabulous photo gallery Helen´s webpage  


MR GORGEOUS : Photo Helen M Nilsson

søndag 14. oktober 2012


A MAGICIAN with stories..

Some people you meet,  have their passion from top to toe. Svein Erik Larsen is such a person, being a magician with film, photo & storytelling. We met through work, when he was the creative director of the advertising agency we cooperated with. He has made many TV commercials, which is well known in the Norwegian market, i.e. the story telling about Friele Coffee.  He is also brilliant with food photography, travelling and sculptures.

Some years later he and his wife, Liv Merete,  decided to change their way of life and moved to Estepona, Spain. 

His latest project is so impressive - he has made a TV-serie with 7 different stories of people building their dreams in the Spanish Country living. Look at Svein Erik's photo

Here you will meet Dutch, British, German, Spanish  or Swedish people and their stories filmed in the setting of their new lives, Spanish Country Living in Andalucia.

One of the many interesting stories is about 'The Swede' who did what few believed he would succeed doing, building his own winery with a particular grape up in the mountains.. Today his wine is a high quality wine,   high reputation & great demand, and with it's many quality awards !

It dos not stop with this, He is also making a book.... 
See Svein Erik´s website

The DVD´s are such an inspiraton - watching them on my pc in my favourite chair & a warm cup of green tea !! 

Enjoying more than 4 hours of good storytelling ! 

It's getting colder here - up North - expecting snow any time... Then it is such a pleasure dreaming about the Spanish Country living.... Read more about it here 
Get in touch with Svein Erik